The Rugby World Cup is very nearly upon us, and while for most rugby fans the carnival of rugby to be played is perhaps the most exciting part of the tournament, RWC2019 is also going to be an absolute carnival of brilliant, exciting and downright weird new jerseys from all 20 teams appearing at in Japan.

Let’s take a look at all the RWC2019 jerseys that have been revealed so far – we’ll update this article as soon as new shirts are revealed.


There would have quite rightly been riots if Nike didn’t keep things clean and classic with their World Cup jersey – especially after their 2015 version was such a universal hit.

And that’s exactly what they’ve done with a wonderfully vintage-inspired jersey sporting the classic blue and white hoops. The alternate shirt on the other hand, is rather leftfield – with its mix of blue, gold and hot pink, it’s certainly eye-catching.

The biggest news for the Wallabies this Rugby World Cup wasn’t their home shirt, but their change design, which not only is actually going to be worn for a change, but also brings the concept of an ‘Indigenous’ jersey to the World Cup.

The home shirt is pretty clean and classic, though the modern and bold collar design certainly makes things feel a lot more contemporary.


Having been sporting Under Armour since 2015, Canada signed on the dot with Canterbury last season, and paired it with an all-new and very modern feeling crest.

Their RWC jerseys are probably the nicest example of Canterbury’s current template, with a very nice home shirt and classy black alternate.


England have revealed their brand new RWC2019 home shirt, and as you’d expect it’s a pretty clean white shirt with a red rose, primarily. The red side slashes and asymmetrical collar and sleeve motif are a nice bit of interest, however.

The away shirt is a bit more out there, with a red marl base jersey being accented with midnight blue sleeves and shoulders, paired with blue shorts.


Fiji have been wearing ISC for the last few years, with their recent jerseys continuing the trend that BLK started back in 2015 of incorporating indigenous patterns into the design.

The Japan 2019 versions are no different, sporting bold black and white motifs on the sides and sleeves, with tonal patterns all over the shoulders.


The most notable thing about the France Rugby World Cup 2019 primary jersey wasn’t the shirt itself, as that’s a perfectly inoffensive but undoubtedly plain blue design.

No, the most notable thing was the brand new FFR crest, which has been changed for the first time in decades and is now a stylised red rooster that’s inspired by some of the first French international shirts.


The Georgians were wearing Under Armour at Rugby World Cup 2015, but they’ve been supplied by by Canterbury for the last few season, and will wear CCC against at RWC2019.

Over the last few years they’ve also moved from wearing black primary jerseys to a deep maroon, and they’ve paired it at this World Cup with a white contrast colour for a very clean look.


The new Ireland Rugby World Cup 2019 jerseys have been launched after myriad leaks and the new classic home shirt is paired with a very much not classic away design.

Both shirts feature sublimated Ogham script in the designs, but it’s the black, white and green change design that’s really got people talking…


Italy have skewed towards the classic in their time with Macron, and it’s the same again with their brand new RWC2019 jerseys.

The home shirt is a classic blue design with interesting dark blue accents and in a break from tradition, blue shorts. The alternate is white with a lovely light and dark blue pinstriped motif on the front.


The Brave Blossoms were perhaps the most memorable and endearing surprise of RWC2015, and the tournament hosts will be hoping to go spring some more surprises at Japan 2019.

Their RWC 2019 jerseys are inspired by the Samurai code, and feature angular squared off V-shaped hoops accented with gold to represent the sun reflecting off Mt Fuji.


To say the Welwitschias make it hard to get much info on what their new jerseys are going to be is something of an understatement – they haven’t posted on their Twitter account since 2015 and don’t have a working website, but…

It was finally revealed that Namibia will be wearing Mizuno at RWC2019C, with an identical jersey to Tonga but with blue instead of the Tongans red.


The back to back world champions will be going for a three-peat in Japan, and they’ll be doing so in a truly interesting jersey from Adidas.

Designed in collaboration with Y-3, the shirt has a 3D textured effect that looks like it’s actually made out of ferns.


Longtime Canterbury wearers Russia will be wearing the brand again at Rugby World Cup 2019, and at least they’re doing something a little bit different.

The jerseys use the same old template that we’ve seen from everyone else wearing Canterbury at this tournament, but with an interesting hatched chest pattern.


Longtime readers will remember just how much we loved Samoa’s RWC2015 alternate jersey – in fact it was one of the highlights of the tournament and one of BLK’s best designs ever.

The new ones are not quite as striking as the 2015 versions, but still feature striking Samoan art on the sleeve and body of the jersey.


Scotland have bounced between super-retro and very modern in the last few seasons, and the Rugby World Cup 2019 jerseys seem to be trying to tread a path between the classic and the cutting edge.

As with the RWC2015 designs, the SRU’s tartan is used prominently here, with it being featured on the shoulders, collar and sleeve cuffs.


Traditionally one of the first teams to reveal their World Cup jerseys, the Boks were actually the first ones off the mark for RWC2019, with a home shirt that’s a nice blend of classic and modern.

With a classic green shirt accented by some gold stripes on the sides and back, and a very modern white and gold collar, it’s a tidy, contemporary job by ASICS.


Tonga are one of two teams wearing Japanese brand Mizuno at the Rugby World Cup, and in the case of the Ikale Tahi, they’re keeping things very clean.

The home shirt is the classic mix of red and blue, while the tonal pinstripes are actually designed to emulate Samurai armour.


The Eagles ended a rocky couple of years with Adidas by signing a deal with Canterbury back in January 2019, and they’ll be wearing the brand at the World Cup, too.

Their World Cup jerseys are perhaps the best example of the current CCC template, with blue star-spangled shoulders, red and white striped bits on the sleeves, and a general ‘USA!’ vibe all over.


Uruguay have been playing in unbranded kit for the last few years, so we wondered if they might continue that into the Rugby World Cup.

But it seems like they do indeed have a kit sponsor… we’re just not sure who it is! There’s no info anywhere about who the brand on their jerseys is, but it’s created a pair of pretty uninspiring designs, it must be said.


It’s almost unthinkable to imagine the Six Nations Grand Slam winners running out without the Under Armour on their jerseys, but this will in fact be the last World Cup that Wales wear the brand.

The brand new Wales RWC2019 shirts feature an interesting tonal quartered design, a shield on the badge, and an open collar. The home shirt is of course red, while the alternate shirt is a dark green with red shield.


12 thoughts on “Every Rugby World Cup 2019 jersey revealed so far

  1. Keep the Welsh home shirt clean and classic, go nuts with the away but leave the clean cut red and white alone

  2. I bet the Wales players will appreciate the open collar, since I noticed they used to cut notches in the previous years’ jerseys for added comfort 😛

  3. Both the US and Canada were sporting new designs for their Test to start the Pacicifc Nations Cup. Are these also to be the WC designs? Ditto with Tonga?


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