The Springboks have revealed their brand new Rugby World Cup 2019 jersey from Asics, becoming the first team to launch their World Cup shirt ahead of the tournament later this year.

The new shirt keeps things clean and classic compared to the gold-sleeved RWC 2015 design, with the iconic green jersey only ornamented by a small gold racing stripe on the ribcage.

The most striking feature is probably the collar – a low-profile design that features a gold round-neck and prominent angular white placket.

As usual, the Sprinkbok logo has been moved to the left sleeve to accommodate the tournament patch, while the RWC winners patch is in its usual location on the right.

The change shirt is an off-white colour that Asics is calling ‘sweetcorn’ and swaps the gold stripes for green, with the placket of the collar changed to match the rest of the shirt

The new South Africa RWC home shirt is available tomorrow (26 April). Check out all the new Rugby World Cup 2019 jerseys in our full round-up here.


4 thoughts on “NEWS: Springboks reveal RWC 2019 ASICS jerseys

  1. I’m not going to complain about the Springbok logo not being on the shirt, since it has been like that for the last 2 world cups. What really botters me are 1) The white thing on the collar and 2) The green is not the SA bottle green and looks more like Ireland’s emerald green

    1. Hey, Its actually more like that washed out dark green, from the cotton jersey era… looks nothing like Ireland.

  2. Am I the only one missing the old, gorgeous shirts from Canterbury? As a collector, I really regret having purchased the crappy shirt that Asics did for supporters… Same low quality stuff for Australia and Stade Français (these ones are at least funny).


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