Toyota Verblitz 2016/17 Canterbury Home Shirt


Toyota Verblitz have some of the strongest pedigree of any team in the Japan Top League, having been in existence since 1941, and having won the old Japan National Championship three times in their long history. Read More »

Brisbane Broncos NRL 2017 ISC Home, Away & Heritage Shirts


Until this season, Brisbane had enjoyed one of the longest kit sponsor partnerships in rugby league – the Broncos had been with Nike since the late 90s, but as the USA sportswear giant continues its sad gradual withdrawal from both codes of the sport, that relationship has come to a close, and league specialist ISC have jumped on board with one of the classic shirts of the sport. Read More »

Rugby Shirt Of The Year 2016


Nothing says ‘our creative reserves have evaporated, please let us go on holiday’ like a website churning out yet another boring, predictable end-of-year list feature does it? But we at Rugby Shirt Watch would never pretend we’re above that sort of lazy journalism – far from it. No, we’re here to goddamn embrace the glory of nostalgia, as we take a look back at the very best rugby shirts of 2016. Read More »