Georgia have revealed the brand new jerseys that the Lelos will be wearing at Rugby World Cup 2019, which are once again produced by Canterbury of New Zealand.

Well, we say revealed, in what is becoming an annoying trend for Canterbury teams at this World Cup (looking at you USA and Canada), the shirts still haven’t been officially launched despite them being on sale at retailers and being worn in games. ANYWAY.

The new shirts ditch the experimentation with maroon and gold/maroon and grey of the last few years to go with a simplified and more conventional maroon and white – the primary shirt being maroon with white logos and a non-symmetrical striped collar.

The change shirt is white with maroon logos, and the same asymmetric collar – like all Canterbury shirts at this World Cup, we also have two contrast-colour side slashes on the bottom on the design.

The only other ornamentation on the jerseys is the Georgian flag on the sleeve, and the traditional grapevine motif, which is carried on the back in relation to an old Georgian warrior tradition.

Georgia will wear their new World Cup jerseys for the first time when they open their campaign against Uruguay on 25 September 2019. Check out all the new Rugby World Cup 2019 jerseys in our full round-up here.



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