USA Rugby have revealed the brand new jerseys that the Eagles will wear for the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan. The jerseys are the first permanent designs revealed since USA signed with Canterbury earlier this year.

In truth, the official World Cup versions here have yet to be officially launched, but the USA wore the non-tournament version for the first time against Canada in the Pacific Nations Cup last weekend.

The primary and alternate jerseys both use the same basic template, which uses the same pattern that we’ve seen from England and Ireland among others, but it certainly feels very striking and unique.

Both jerseys feature stars sublimated into the shoulder section, plus red stripes on the sleeves, plus star-shaped grip material on the chest, and a red and white striped collar. The primary jersey is white with blue shoulders, while the secondary jersey flips it with a blue base shirt and white shoulders.

USA Eagles will wear their tournament jerseys for the first time for their opening RWC2019 game against England on 26 September, they’re also wearing a non-tournament version of the shirt as their primary shirt going forward.

Check out all the new Rugby World Cup 2019 jerseys in our full round-up here.



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