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Rugby Shirt Watch is proud to endorse, the world’s largest online retailer of rugby gear, as our official international retail partner.

Based in Birmingham, Alabama in the USA, was founded by UK ex-pat Bernard Frei from his basement in 1999, and since then has grown to become the leading retailer of rugby gear and officially licensed merchandise for professional and amateur players, fans, and families around the world.

Despite its growth and success, is still run by passionate rugby fans, many of whom still play or are involved in the game at a grass roots level, and care deeply about the sport.

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If you’re here, chances are that like us, you love rugby shirts, and if that’s the case, we would heartily recommend you consider when you’re buying them – they’re a great company, in the rugby shirt game for the right reasons

Click on any of the banners and links throughout the site to visit – by shopping there, you’re supporting Rugby Shirt Watch, and ensuring that we can keep making shit jokes about new rugby shirts!


Josh, Editor, Rugby Shirt Watch

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  1. Why are the Kenya 7s shirts never for sale? I can only find the old ones or t-shirts that I could have made up myself. We want to buy the replica 7s shirts in the year they are worn, not later!

  2. where can I buy the 2018 7’s World Cup Official shirt for France. The one with the big 7 across the front?

  3. Please help – am looking for a 2015 France Sevens Jersey (Large). We cannot find anywhere.
    Many thanks

  4. Do you make rugby jerseys to order? I’m the captain of a gay rugby team here in Ireland and we’re hoping to plan a gay rugby tournament for later in the year. I’d like a new kit for the boys.


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