Hot on the heels of their multi-year Macron extension, the SRU have revealed the brand new jerseys that Scotland will wear for Rugby World Cup 2019.

Just like their Rugby World Cup 2015 jerseys, the SRU tartan is a key feature of the RWC2019 designs with it prominent on the shoulders, sleeve cuffs and collar of both home and alternate designs.

The collar itself is also a new design, seemingly trying to tread a path between modern and traditional, with an old-school fold-over collar paired with a rather busy and detailed placket.

Other than that, things are broadly very traditional with the blue home shirt, and even though the pale blue change shirt is a bit of a departure, both are suitability clean and crisp, and the new Macron logo certainly helps it feel a bit less busy.

Check out all the new Rugby World Cup 2019 jerseys in our full round-up here.


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