Harlequins have revealed a third jersey for 2020 following on from the away design that was revealed last month, and like a lot of Adidas change shirts for 2020, the theme for this one is about the ocean – which they’re clearly taking literally in the promo photoshoot.

Like the Leinster and Munster away jerseys this season, the jersey is one of Adidas’ PrimeBlue products, meaning that it’s made entirely of recycled ocean plastic, and like the Leinster jersey there’s a definite nautical vibe to the design itself, with a striking ‘crashing wave’ pattern rushing light blue up from the bottom of the design gradually fading in to the top.

On the bottom left of the shirt you’ll also notice the Harlequins Foundation logo, which almost certainly indicates that this ‘third’ jersey was not always intended as such, and was likely originally designed as the Big Game one-off charity shirt but obviously with no chance of being able to welcome 80,000 fans to Twickenham over the festive period this year, they’ve clearly decided to make this a more general-use jersey.

This isn’t unprecedented given that Quins debuted their Big Game jersey in the Champions Cup last season, but it’s always nice when jerseys get a chance to have more of an airing than a one-off game.



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