Harlequins have revealed their brand new away shirt from Adidas, and the pink and white number that instantly recommends itself by not being the godawful green and black monstrosity they’ve been wearing for the last two seasons.

The jersey instead pays tribute to London, with a striking map of the city forming part of the central pink graphic with the distinctive shape of the River Thames prominent in the pattern. It seems topography is in this season.

You could also argue that the design itself is more than a little reminiscent of the famous Eastenders title cards, but that’s definitely got nothing to do with it. Probably. Maybe. Who knows we’ve heard of weirder things being used as kit inspo in the last seven years.

Quins will continue to wear last season’s perfectly inoffensive home shirt for another go-around, leaving the London club with a nice set of jerseys to tackle whatever madness the 2020/21 fixture calendar will offer.


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