For some years now Adidas has been producing a select range of sportswear made out of recycled ocean plastics, and back in 2019 it made the jump to rugby with the All Blacks x Parley training gear.

For Super Rugby 2020 the concept made the jump to on-field jerseys with the PrimeBlue away shirts for each of the New Zealand teams – a move that has mainly been controversial because of the colour-clash issues these blue and grey jerseys seemed to constantly provide.

The good folks at Adidas don’t seem to have paid that much heed as the PrimeBlue concept arrives in the Northern Hemisphere courtesy of this new Leinster away shirt however – as we once again have a blue away shirt to go with a blue home shirt.

Now, don’t get us wrong, it’s a much more pale shade of blue compared to the home design, with a striking modern pattern across the design, but we’ll be intrigued to see if this new shirt encounters similar problems to the NZ jerseys.

Still cool shirt, cool concept – let’s make more shirts out of recycled plastics please.



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