For the past few seasons, Scarlets kit launch day has been something of an annual holiday for rugby fans, as everyone queued up to see what fresh abomination the West Wales region would inflict upon our eyes and their own players.

Remember this absolute abomination? Or this disgraceful shambles? Or when they stuck so many sponsor logos on their jersey it needed to come with an index? Oh yes, there was much rich comedy to be mined from such design hate crimes.

Which makes it somewhat disappointing that the 2020/21 jerseys are borderline sensible? The home shirt is inoffensive and fine, and while there are too many logos on the thing of course, at least main sponsor Oil4Wales (replacing Juno Moneta, who entered administration midway through last season) isn’t having to fight for space on the front.

And the away shirt is… fine too? There are no mental colours, no weird clipart patterns, we’re not keen on the yellow collar and it looks a bit like training gear but other than that? No complaints.



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