Leinster have revealed their brand new home jersey for the 2020/21 season, and the press blurb for the new kits describes it as being “all about numbers” which… yeah? Sure.

It’s not immediately apparent why, but apparently this jersey has been inspired by the individual and unique number given to each Leinster player when they represent the club, “That number stays with each player forever, signifying their place and marking their legacy in the history of the club,” says the blurb.

We’re not quite sure what the myriad stripy dot patterns that criss-cross the top half of the design have to do with numbers, but hell, it looks cool so why not?

While certainly not a traditional jersey, traditionalists will at least be pleased to see that unlike the last few Leinster jerseys that Adidas produced, we have more than one shade of blue in play here, with the darker blue of the shorts and the lower half of the jersey (that’s ‘night indigo’ if you’re interested) fading up into a lighter shade on the top half (‘victory blue’ – bleugh).

We also get dark blue shoulder stripes, and some dark blue sleeve cuffs – okay there’s no glorious white and gold band in the middle but if you squint REALLY hard you could even say it’s a spiritual modern successor to this wonderful late-90s thing.

Sadly, the fade from light to dark blue has a story attached to it, as everything must do these days, so apparently this is meant to represent the, “proud tradition of producing players From The Ground Up”.

Look, we like it when jerseys have stories that reflect the design of the jersey – it gives us something to write about – but sometimes it’s okay just to say, “We did the thing because it looks cool”. Seriously!

All that aside, it’s worth noting that if you want to get your hands on one of these, they’ll be available exclusively from Life Style Sports as usual, but don’t expect one any time soon…

The club notes that jerseys will not ship until Leinster’s Heineken Champions Cup campaign comes to an end, just in case they need to affix a fifth star to that club badge – now that’s confidence for you…

Leinster fans, what do you think of your new home jersey? Let us know in the comments below.



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