Hot on the heels of announcing their extended partnership with Canterbury last month, Irish Rugby has revealed the brand new home and away jerseys that Andy Farrell’s men will be wearing for the 2020/21 season.

The shirt was teased during that announcement, but they were hiding the headline statement of this shirt – a hugely striking (and no doubt polarising) block pattern across the front of the design, which the IRFU press release has the balls to describe as, ‘subtle but striking’.

The pattern is said to represent “strength, power and unity”, which we suppose will be very much in the eye of the beholder, but it continues the trend in recent season of Irish jerseys being some of the most bold and unconventional in the test arena.

Speaking of which, the alternate jerseys is… well… it certainly continues the theme with a black base shirt with a similar block pattern rendered in a none-more-current flouro green colour, which also provides the accents to the jersey.

Canterbury calls this colour ‘bio lime’ – managing to somehow sound even more challenging that it is to look at – and apparently, “demands attention, embodying youth, vibrancy and energy”. In case you missed it, that means this is the shirt that the IRFU hopes will appeal to the kids – in truth, probably not a bad assessment.

The IRFU claims that the new designs give the Ireland jersey a “never seen before look and energy”, and you have to say they have a point. The new kits will start being worn immediately, so Ireland will be wearing the design for the two rescheduled 2020 Six Nations games this Autumn.

“Canterbury has once again produced a kit that is stylish, functional and comfortable,” said Ireland star and Canterbury ambassador Robbie Henshaw, definitely not reading from a script. “A good jersey needs to look good on and off the pitch, for players and fans alike. This jersey does just that, and I cannot wait to be back on the pitch wearing it when representing my country.”

The IRFU has also announced that €5 from the sale of every new Ireland jersey from their official retail partner Intersport Elverys will be donated to the Irish Youth Foundation – a charity helping underprivileged kids in Ireland.

This of course, is undisputedly a Good Thing for the IRFU to do, and they’ve kept the good news rolling by announcing that an Ireland Women’s replica jersey is also being launched in time for the rescheduled Women’s Six Nations, and can be preordered today.

Ireland fans, what do you think of your new 2020/21 jerseys? Let us know in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “NEWS: Ireland’s new jerseys are FAR from traditional…

  1. I think its time for me to accept that I’m passed the target age group for the Ireland jersey. By far my favorite from the last few iterations was the World Cup jersey (not least because it didn’t have a large red logo in the middle of a green shirt). The long sleeved version had a classic feel, with the odd innovation such as the collar. I don’t hate this new jersey by any means…. but I don’t like it much either. I can see it being popular though, so from that point of view its probably well designed i guess.

  2. I hate it. Looking at it makes me want to vomit in Aki’s eyes. Don’t agree with Dan, doubt it’s going to be popular with younger consumers. Navel gazing millennials appear to spend their cash on retro nostalgia and this design is too contemporary. Germany’s football shirt from the last world cup set a bench mark in my opinion for blending contemporary and retro design subtely and if Canterbury had any sense that’s the way to go.

  3. I love it. But I don’t love the fact that they have ostracised all shops in the north of Ireland from selling it. Absolute disgrace. Especially in the current climate of business. Shocking!!!! We can’t try it on now anywhere. We don’t have Elverys!!! Refuse to buy now.

  4. Traditional Jersey is completely gone. Definitely no pride wearing the Jersey. It was a Proud moment growing watching the Cotton Jersey.


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