As the hype builds for New Zealand’s hotly anticipated North v South clash, we appear to have a glimpse at what the jerseys worn in the game will look like.

While the shirts in the image above are clearly mockups (notice the different collar designs used on each, they do seem to point to something very clean and simple for the one off game.

Both jerseys seem to be broadly identical, with the Adidas. AIG and North v South logos breaking up the design, with the North team in black and the South in white.

Beyond that? Well, given the small matter of a global pandemic and the very short timeframe to design a jersey, we’re honestly quite surprised that there’s any kind of bespoke design for the game.

In fact, we wouldn’t be shocked if what we actually get for the game are the current (and soon to be defunct) All Blacks home and alternate jerseys with the badge covered up – guess we’ll find out on 29 August.

What do you think of the potential North and South jerseys? Let us know in the comments below.


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