Gloucester Rugby have revealed the brand new third jersey that the club will be wearing for the remainder of the 2019/20 season – unlike previous years however, this shirt is being dubbed a ‘Heritage’ jersey, and is… purple?!

Yes indeed friends, the jersey itself rather smashes to bits any notion that a heritage jersey has to be conventional by sporting black and purple hoops that are certainly not the most traditional… or are they?

In actual fact, history buffs will know that Gloucester’s original colours were in fact black and purple, and the club actually wore shirts that were blue, black and red/yellow before finally setlling on their now iconic cherry and white hoops.

To add to the heritage vibe, each of these new Heritage jerseys also features the names of every single player to ever represent Gloucester in a senior capped game sublimated into the fabric of the jersey itself – that’s a lot of names!

Gloucester has been wearing its third jerseys in European and Cup competitions over the last few seasons, but as yet there’s no news as to whether this will be the case again for this Heritage design.


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