Saracens have revealed the special edition jersey that the club will wear for The Showdown, the Premiership encounter with Harlequins next year that will bring rugby union to the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium for the first time.

As is tradition for Saracens’ third jerseys now, the design itself is blue with a series of diagonal tonal striped segments that are an identical but flipped pattern to the Toulouse 2018/19 European shirt.

That piece of rather uninspired design inspiration aside, the club has also released a full range of training and leisure wear to go along with the new kit, all of which will presumably be worn in the run up to the game.

Saracens will play Harlequins at The Showdown 2020 on 28 March 2020.


One thought on “NEWS: Saracens reveal Showdown 2020 third jersey

  1. The question is how many players are they going to have to lose to stay within the salary cap? New shirts won’t help when the contracts have to be honoured.


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