Edinburgh Rugby have become the latest in a long, long, long, long, long line of clubs this offseason to reveal overhauled brand for 2018, which includes a radically redesigned crest and a return to the club’s traditional colours. 

The new club logo has been created, so say Edinburgh, to “better reflect the city’s long and proud rugby heritage, whilst signalling a new chapter for the club in the modern game”.

The new badge retains the three turrets, which are inspired by Edinburgh Castle, and were seen on the previous logo, as well as the original Edinburgh district badge and the city’s flag and coat of arms. The badge also includes the legend ‘Est 1872’, a reference to the first year that representative rugby was established in Edinburgh.


In addition to the new badge, the club will also debut a totally new colour scheme for the 2018/19 season. The black, red and white that the club has worn since they were the Gunners is being replaced with blue and white – a return to the colours that used to be worn by the old Edinburgh District teams – with orange being added as it is “inspired by the city’s volcanic beginnings at Castle Rock and Arthur’s Seat – to signify this new and exciting chapter for Edinburgh in the modern game.”

With the announcement that the SRU is planning to create a bespoke new stadium for Edinburgh within the grounds of Murrayfield, it’s sure to be an exciting new time for Edinburgh both on the field and off it.


3 thoughts on “NEWS: Edinburgh Rugby reveal new club logo and rebrand for 2018

  1. Proud Hertigage? This is definitely a downgrade. Current Edinburgh logo is crowded, in fact, but not as ugly as it. This is simple but isn’t clever at all. I feel so sorry for them.

  2. I’m fine with the color change, particularly when considering the reasoning for it. Besides, there are so many clubs that wear black and red. However, the new logo is pretty bad. It has more of a company logo feel than a rugby club—almost like a home improvement store or something along those lines. Blech.

  3. I showed to this to my girlfriend and she asked me if they were a construction company 🤣


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