Oyonnax have responded to their latest relegation from the Top 14 by becoming the latest in a succession of European clubs to conduct a total overhaul of their branding, which has been done in partnership with their new kit supplier, Hungaria Sport.

The club appears to have finally abandoned the ‘Union Sportive Oyonnax Rugby’ name, as the ‘USO’ of the old crest has been abandoned for a striking new shield-based design that simply says ‘Oyonnax Rugby’.

The shield itself is very unusual, with a jagged edge that is designed to reflect the natural environment that surrounds Oyonnax.  The club’s new mission statement is ‘The club of the Ain and the Jura mountains’, and if you squint, that jagged edge does look like a mountain range.


The new Hungaria jerseys have doubled down on this branding, with the home shirt sporting a jagged red line down the centre of the design, while the really very nice away shirt uses the edge of the crest to cut across the white body.

Whether this new branding will see Oyonnax bounce back from relegation to get back to the Top 14 for the third time is anyone’s guess, but here’s no doubt they’ll do it looking a bit more 2018.


One thought on “NEWS: Oyonnax Rugby reveal new logo, Hungaria kit deal

  1. The jerseys look like strong French design with clean logo applications which always sets a jersey apart. But why would the ‘Hungaria Sport’ logo get pride of place in the middle of the chest? Especially with the introduction of the new club logo which appears in the lower chest region. What is even stranger is the supplier brand also appearing on the shoulders and then again completely surrounding the hem at the bottom of the jersey. Hungaria Sport are certainly getting their exposure.


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