The new British & Irish Lions 2021 Pro Jersey was launched to no small fanfare, and while plenty of fans loved the bold new design, complete with modern collar and striking lion graphic on the shoulders, there was a vocal subset of fans who objected to the design, the prominence of the sponsor and the general sense that this was a too far from the traditional Lions jersey for them.

But if that’s you, don’t fret – Canterbury has you covered in the shape of the Lions 2021 Classic jersey. Don’t like the collar? Well this one has a classic white button-down collar with smart blue edging, it’s a classic cotton/polyester mix in a generous cut with no modern graphics and long (or short) sleeves depending on what you fancy.

And as for the complaints about the giant Vodafone logo on the Pro jersey? again, nothing to worry about here friends, this shirt is as plain as the jerseys worn by Barry, Willie John and company in the 70s.

It’s a genuinely smart move for Canterbury to create a Classic jersey that so closely mirrors the look of those vintage jerseys instead of trying too hard to make it feel like the on-field one (a mistake that the Macron Wales jersey did to its cost) – fans buying these jerseys aren’t bothered about replicating the on field look, they just want to support their team wearing something classic, comfortable and stylish. This hits the mark.

Buy from Lions Official Store for £70
Buy from Fanatics UK for £70
Buy from England Rugby Store for £70


3 thoughts on “The new Lions Classic jersey is here to save you from the scourge of modern rugby shirts

  1. I was bought one of these for Christmas, the collar is massively too loose, it is also missing some of the little extras the last shirt had, such as the little rubber hologram, some gold printing of british and irish lions. It does make me wonder if this was a cost cutting exercise to squeeze money. Doesn’t have the overall feel of quality as the 2017 classic jersey.


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