The new Northampton Saints 2020/21 away shirt shows that Macron understands something fundamental about the British psyche. The Italian brand understands that now as the nights are closing in, the days are getting shorter, the clocks are going back… we need something to keep us going, we need memories of sunnier times – the beach, the seaside, oh halcyon summer days…

Because that’s got to be it right? They wouldn’t just design a shirt that looks exactly like it’s been modelled on that most British of seaside sitting objects by accident, would they? Oh they did? Oh, shit. Oh well then.

We kid, honestly it’s actually quite nice in a bit of an incongrous way – vertical stripes are very much not a rugby union thing after all, and have much more pedigree in the round-ball football, so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes down with the traditionalists.

We also like how it’s literally flipped the script (90 degrees) on the new home shirt, with the similar pinstriped effect going down the jersey instead of across. At least it isn’t red, eh?


One thought on “The new Northampton Saints away shirt is a deckchair, let’s face it


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