Castore Sydney Roosters

For the last several months we’ve heard rumours that Castore, the upstart high-end British sportswear brand most famous for sponsoring British tennis player Andy Murray, would be following their move into soccer with Rangers FC by also making inroads into rugby.

In truth, we expected that the brand that managed to convince people that paying £45 for a plain white t-shirt with a tiny logo on it was a good deal would naturally move into rugby union in England, but instead they’ve made the leftfield move of not only going into the working man’s game of rugby league, but in Australia no less, with the Sydney Roosters.

The Roosters were after a new kit supplier this season following ISC’s decision to pull out of all of their NRL sponsorship deals, so it’s not going to be a shock if we see a few more eyebrow-raising new kit deals in the league this offseason, but this one’s five-year commitment shows that Castore is very serious about the move into the 13-man game.

Could this be the start of a new big player in the game? We certainly hope so.

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One thought on “Castore moves into rugby with Sydney Roosters deal

  1. ‘the working man’s game of rugby league’

    Why go to the trouble of keeping barriers like this in place? terrible journalism….


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