Racing 92 have revealed their brand new 2020/21 jerseys, which in a welcome display of common sense puts the clubs badge in a position on the jersey where you might be in danger of actually noticing it.

Back in 2018, Le Coq Sportif decided to deal with the situation of Racing’s beautiful jerseys being cluttered by a comical number of sponsor logos by… moving the club crest to the bottom left of the design – a decision which was quite rightly lambasted from all sides, and we called ‘borderline vandalism’ at the time.

The club kept the badge out of sight for 2019/20, but in a move of some sense for 2020/21, they have restored the crest to a position where it can at least be seen by people, in the centre of the chest.

It doesn’t help with making the top half of one of the most beautiful jerseys in all of rugby look like a cluttered mess, of course, but such is French rugby’s attitude to jersey adverts – a situation not helped by the addition of a second Le Coq Sportif on the right shoulder for some reason, but at least it makes sense now?

The home jersey itself is actually very nice as usual – last season’s t-shirt collar has been replaced by a tricolore-striped squared off v-neck with a white insert, while the rest is classic sky blue and white hoops that we all know and love.

The away shirt is another nice effort – dark blue with a sky blue and white striped collar, and some sky blue sleeve cuffs, it’s simple and understated.

We could and indeed will complain that the return of the club crest to a sensible place has come at the cost of it being dwarfed by everything else on the jersey, but it’s still progress. Maybe sometime soon Racing will be able to release a jersey that displays its sponsors in a tasteful and non-hideous way but… well… that ain’t gonna happen is it?



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