As Super Rugby AU continues to, uh, captivate fans the world over, the Brumbies have revealed two brand new special edition jerseys to add to their roster for the 2020 season. Well, at least one of them will be.

First up is a brand new Indigenous jersey that will be worn for their clash against the Reds in Round 6 of Super Rugby AU, and is the first ever proper Indigenous jersey that the Brumbies have worn on the field.

The jersey’s design was originally created for the Captain’s Run jersey the Brumbies have been wearing all season, but has now been adapted into this all-white design, with the same striking design from local artist Budda Conors on the front and sleeves.

The biggest aspect of the design are the peaks of the Brindabella Mountain Range with the hooves of wild brumbies morphing into the footprints of the 10 Indigenous men to have played for the club who are represented by the ‘U’ shapes around the circular meeting place in the centre of the artwork.

Also launched at the same time is a new Retro jersey, released to celebrate 25 years of Super Rugby features a similar squared-V insert on the front, blue shoulder stripes and classic collar as the jerseys the Brumbies wore in 1996, though missing the classic ‘Milk’ sponsor and much the poorer for it. It also features the club’s original logo on the right breast.

The supporters version of the shirt also features the names of the squad for that 1996 season on the back of the shirt – obviously that won’t be the case with the players’ version, but that in itself is a bit of a question. While we have a date for the Brumbies to wear their indigenous design, there’s no mention of them actually wearing the Retro design on the field – we hope they do.



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