The Wallabies have revealed a pair of new jerseys for the 2020/21 season – a sentence that seems wildly optimistic given everything that’s currently going on in the world, but probably a factor in why the jerseys have not been officially launched yet.

The shirts themselves are basically repurposed versions of what the Wallabies wore at last year’s Rugby World Cup. Indeed the home shirt is identical save for the addition of the main sponsor and the restoration of the Wallaby on the right breast, the Indigenous shirt is a little different however.

While the new shirt has a very similar striking aboriginal art that has graced the previous indigenous designs, where the RWC shirt had gold to contrast the dark green, here they’ve used white instead.

The pattern itself also seems larger and has more space on the sleeves and shoulders than the World Cup version, while we also have the addition of some gold piping.

The new Wallabies jerseys will be worn… sometime? Your guess is as good as ours but we hope we get the chance to see both these jerseys on the field soon.


One thought on “NEWS: Australia reveal 2020 Wallabies Indigenous jersey

  1. New Wallabies coach Dave Rennie has hinted he may not stay after the 2023 World Cup, with the New Zealander suggesting it would be better to have an Australian in charge in the future.


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