The Toyota Cheetahs have had some form for beautiful jerseys since the South African team joined the Pro 14 two seasons ago, but the Free State club are kicking it into high gear by revealing six new options that they’re asking fans to choose from for their new away shirt.

The options, which were revealed one by one on the Cheetahs Twitter page, are varied and unconventional, though some are definitely more out there than others.


The Cheetahs have released the SEVENTH jersey option, which you can see below:

Just look at this thing?! Somewhere between a Houston Astros classic ‘Tequila Sunrise’ jersey and something from the Tour De France, we are absolutely in LOVE.


First up we had this striking chevron-heavy number, which is perhaps the only jersey that we’ve seen where the chevrons are going horizontally as opposed to vertically, but we are no complaining because it looks GREAT.

The combination of white, grey and orange as well is another winner, which we’ll see a lot more of going forward.

Option 2 is well… look, we get that they’re called the Cheetahs and you want to reflect that in some way and garish patterned jerseys can work well sometimes but this one has a CRUCIAL problem.

Those look a LOT more like leopard spots than cheetah ones. Oops.

Another very striking and unique design that again makes really nice use of grey, white and orange – we’re not sure if the pixellated nature of the pattern is intentional or just a bit of a photoshop foe pas, but we’d prefer it if they made them a bit cleaner if this jersey wins the vote.

Look, option 3’s concept is pretty cool, with it celebrating the long history of agriculture as the Free State’s primary industry… we’re just not sure it really works as a jersey. Nice illustration, though.

Number 5 is the moment where you have to wonder if the Cheetahs’ designers are running out of steam a little bit – the vertical stripes are cool, but we really don’t like the fade, or the way they fan out at the top of the design.

Finally, we have a design that’s gone down VERY well on social media since its reveal, ditching the white and grey for a sleek orange and black combo with an interesting honeycomb pattern across the front.

Big for fans of cheese graters, colanders and other hole-heavy kitchen paraphernalia.

So which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below, and keep an eye out for the winning design when it’s chosen by the Cheetahs.

14 thoughts on “The Cheetahs are asking fans to choose their new away shirt – and the options are amazing

  1. Nommer 3. Die een met die windpomp, hulle kon minstens die truie nommer. Wil nie per ongeluk die verkeerde een kies nie

  2. Option 3 cheetahs all the way your province are big in agriculture show your province your support .


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