Bath Rugby have revealed the brand new home and away shirts from Canterbury that the ambitious Westcountry club will wear throughout the 2018/19 Gallagher Premiership season.

The new jerseys are a striking break from the traditional black, blue and white hoops that Canterbury has used for the first three years of their partnership, in favour of a striking blue home shirt and white away.


Both shirts still have hoops – the home shirt seemingly channeling the 1992-1994 home shirt with white, black and blue hoops on the top quarter and sleeves, while the away seems to be a nod to the much-loved 1993-1996 away shirt with blue and white hoops, but with black pinstripes.

Keep an eye on Rugby Shirt Watch for our full review of the new Bath Rugby home and away shirts from Canterbury very soon, and in the meantime, check out all the new Gallagher Premiership 2018/19 jerseys here.



5 thoughts on “NEWS: Bath Rugby reveal 2018/19 Canterbury home & away shirts

  1. So this is what the Saturday crew will be wearing in the Boater, Pulteney and Mow then next season?

    I’ll save the money

  2. I like them. I couldn’t find any images of the mentioned 92/94 jerseys, but there seems A slight design reference to Nike’s Sarries top half stripes from a few seasons ago.

    Any known reason for the Gold CCC logo on the away shirt in general, but also the lack of matching logo on the shorts?

    1. We’re guessing that because it goes over a light and dark colour, a black logo wouldn’t stand out enough, so they went with gold – they don’t pay all that money for people not to be able to see their logos!

  3. I saw the video about “attacking lines” wonderful video and made me love the jersey, when the jerseys are explained like this it makes me feel the passion and to wear it with a sense of commitment – just bought the test shirt online!


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