Benetton Treviso have revealed their brand new 2018/19 home and away jerseys, produced by returning kit supplier, Errea, which the club will wear throughout the 2018/19 Guinness Pro14 season. 

The home shirt is the classic Treviso green, with white accents and, interestingly/horrifyingly, a large sublimated lion on the front – look at his magnificent mane.


The away shirt is sadly/mercifully light on giant lions, and instead has a light to dark blue fade on the front, with white accents and an Italian flag motif around the collar of both home and away shirts.

Check out all of the new Guinness Pro14 2018/19 jerseys that have been released so far in our round-up here.



3 thoughts on “NEWS: Benetton Treviso reveal 2018/19 Errea Home & Away shirts

  1. yeah, the reaction to that lion is going to be love it or hate it, I love it. Munster did something similar with their away shirt a few season back, a giant stag up the side of the shirt.

  2. The lion recalls the S. Mark’s lion that is in the flag of the Treviso’s region. Then rappresent the courage, strength and the aggression. The second shirt is blue because the blue is (together with the white) the color of the flag of the city of Treviso.


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