Italian rugby and European competition are traditionally not the most comfortable bedfellows, and whether it’s the Champions or Challenge Cups, the results for the Italian sides are generally depressing.

One thing that can add a silver lining to yet another chastening Challenge campaign however is the presence of a rather awesome European jersey – and that’s exactly what we have here from Treviso.


Like this year’s home shirt, Treviso’s European shirt is a clean, classic-looking design with a real retro flavour, and like last year’s lovely Euro design, the traditional green and white hoops are swapped for a blue and white design.

Unlike last year, and indeed this year’s home shirt, we have no hoops here – instead we have a plain blue shirt accented with some subtle white pinstripes.

As with the Treviso home shirt, it’s a bit heavy on the sponsors, particularly on the sleeves, but it doesn’t distract from what is a very cool, very classy design – it’s probably going to be the only positive contribution Treviso make to the European Cup this season, so appreciate it while you can!




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