Let’s not beat around the bush here, Benetton Treviso are not a very good team. Remember last season when they went almost a full calendar year without winning a game? Yeah. Exactly. However, one area the Italian region has always got it right in one regard – the jersey. 

There’s something rather lovely about the green and white hoops that in spite of Treviso’s almost chronic levels of shitness, and that’s endured over many years and a variety of kit suppliers, too.

This year’s Kappa offering is a little bit different, however – unlike last year’s half-hooped/half-plain jersey – we’ve got a combination of all sorts of different hoopy ideas going on.


So, in addition to the classic light green and white hoops of yore, we now have an extra hoop in there that’s a darker shade of green. As if that wasn’t enough, all those hoops are split up by some rather classy white pinstripes, too.

And aside from a chronic case of over-sponsoring on the sleeves and back of the design, this is a really, really lovely shirt – we love the new spin on the classic hoops, and the pinstripes are a nice touch, too.

It’s just a pity that a shirt this nice won’t be seen on the winning side too often…


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