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Toulouse have revealed their brand new home and away jerseys, which marks the much anticipated return of the European aristocrats to Nike.The new jerseys are suitably clean and classy compared to Toulouse’s BLK designs, and  as you’d expect from Nike, they have an undeniable modernity to them.

The home shirt is the classic Toulouse black, and is clean and unadorned with the exception of some black and red pinstripes that run up the sides of the design up underneath the sleeves.

The away shirt, on the other hand, has a bit more going on. The classic white shirt is accented with grey sleeves and grey pinstripes across the front, with red accents on the cuffs of each sleeve.

Keep an eye out for our full review of the new Stade Toulousain 2017/18 home and away shirts from Nike on Rugby Shirt Watch soon.



4 thoughts on “NEWS: Stade Toulousain reveal 2017/18 Nike home & away jerseys

  1. clean and classy compared to Toulouse’s BLK designs !!!!?????

    You fucktards!!!!

    Last year you couldn’t talk highly enough of blk and their designs!!!!

    Now they aren’t classy?????

    You guys have jumped the shark!!!

    Last time I waste my time on your site.

      1. Nah it does sound as though you are giving smack to BLK,
        “classy compared to Toulouse’s BLK designs”
        Sounds as though BLK produced trash !
        Just saying

      2. If we thought BLK’s designs were ‘trash’ we wouldn’t have given them all those Gold Awards. BLK do modern, bold and often quite polarising designs, Nike’s are cleaner, simpler and more classic… neither of those things are bad.


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