The boys from Victoria are lucky to have one of the most unique colour palettes going, with their primary and secondary combination of purple and yellow helping them stand out from all others in either code. This has resulted in some great and gaudy jerseys in the past, especially when the token lightning bolt has been involved.

Following on from last season’s more subdued efforts, this season sees BLK continue with the simplicity and reaping the rewards that the team have failed to deliver for the last two seasons.


The home jersey is arguably the simplest thing the Storm have ever worn, and it’s all the better for it. A silver stripe that fades from right to left across the chest divides the predominant navy below and the purple on the shoulder and arms. There’s a bit of purple cutting down from the armpits but on the whole this is an unfussy and classy approach from BLK that incorporates the potentially overbearing Crown Resorts sponsor and keeps the injection of bright colours purely to the team and league badges.

The stripe is also a really nice touch and if we were to nitpick the only blemish is the inclusion of those BLK-branded stripes on the top of the shoulders, that make it already look like there’s additional padding there.


While the home jersey is nice the away one is utterly gorgeous. Just look at it! Gaaawd! We’re a big fan of stripes but even this is has the beating of the rest of them. The purple stripes stand out even further from the white background with the dark blue trim that also complements the logo that does interfere a little bit this time, but now we’re just splitting hairs.


We love everything about this jersey, from the contrast of the white sleeves, to the little flecks of purple on the collar and even the shoulder stripes, that now with an extra border no longer give off that ’80s shoulder pad’ feel. It’s hands down the best jersey in the NRL this year, and we’d really like one. Please. Hint hint.




One thought on “Melbourne Storm NRL 2015 BLK Home & Alternate Shirts

  1. The patterns of the alternative jersey looks like the home jersey for the Melbourne Rebels.


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