Santa Monica Rugby Club Pacific Rugby Premiership 2015 Canterbury Home Shirt



If the last few weeks have taught us anything it’s that you, yes you, the Rugby Shirt Watch reader, bloody loves these Pacific Rugby Premiership shirts. And why wouldn’t you? Our first two reviews – the Denver Barbarians and Olympic Club – have been two truly gorgeous shirts, and now we’re heading back to California for the latest offering from Canterbury and Santa Monica Rugby Club, let’s dive in…  Continue reading

Wales Rugby Sevens 2013/15 Under Armour Alternate Shirt


Wales have a very mixed history with the wonderful world of rugby sevens. They’ve generally been pretty average on the World Rugby Sevens tour, with the notable exception of one spectacular moment, where they confounded practically everyone, including themselves you’d imagine, by winning the 2009 Sevens World Cup in Dubai. Continue reading

Coca Cola West Red Sparks 2015 Canterbury Home & Alternate Shirts



The Japanese Top League isn’t exactly a high profile competition, but the wages on offer has tempted many top class players from around the globe in recent years. From Sonny Bill Williams and Berrick Barnes to Jaque Fourie and James Haskell. The presence of these big name foreign imports has greatly enhanced the standard of the league over recent years, with the aim of improving Japan’s talent pool ahead of the 2019 World Cup, which will be hosted by the East Asian island nation.  Continue reading

Denver Barbarians Pacific Rugby Premiership 2015 Canterbury Home Shirt



It’s fair to say that when we reviewed the new Olympic Club shirt from Canterbury, it certainly caused a stir on our social media channels, with some truly inappropriate lustful language being uttered in the direction of that jersey. The Pacific Rugby Premiership is the place to go for gorgeous, unusual rugby shirts it seems, and this new Denver Barbarians shirt is no exception. Continue reading

Pampas XV 2015 Nike Home & Alternate Shirts


Pampas XV are a team that might not be too familiar for the majority of rugby fans, but they’re an interesting outfit. Made up of elite development players from Argentina. Between 2010 and 2013, they played in South Africa’s Vodacom Cup, and for the last two years have competed in the Pacific Rugby Cup, which they won in 2014. What makes them even more interesting, however, is that with Argentina’s imminent entry to Super Rugby, Pampas are expected to provide the backbone of the new Argentinian franchise. Continue reading

Olympic Club RFC Pacific Rugby Premiership 2015 Canterbury Home Shirt


If you’ve been attention over the last few years, you’ll know that rugby union is on the rise in the USA. With talk of rapidly rising playing numbers and viewing figures as a backdrop, the Eagles played a home test match against the All Blacks in the autumn, and there’s a real push Stateside to use this as a springboard to boost the popularity of the sport domestically. The best way to do this of course, would be to develop a thriving domestic league, and while there’s been club rugby in America for decades now, there’s a real desire to enhance the popularity of the two main leagues – the American Rugby Premiership and Pacific Rugby Premiership.  Continue reading