About Rugby Shirt Watch


Since 2013, Rugby Shirt Watch has been your home for the latest news and reviews of rugby shirts from every corner of the globe in both rugby union and league.

Unlike other sites, we’d rather do things right than rush to do it first, so you won’t see rubbish images or copy and pasted press releases on Rugby Shirt Watch. Instead we pair the highest quality images with bespoke reviews that combine in depth rugby knowledge, a baffling love of rugby shirts and a fair dose of snark, sarcasm and shit jokes.

Previously, we graded all our shirts using the tried-and-true standard of the ‘SHIT/GOOD RATING‘ shamelessly adopted from our good friends Blood And Mud, but you can only borrow someone else’s joke for so long.

So, from 2016 we’ve decided to do away with SHIT/GOOD, or any other method of scoring our reviews – if you want to find out what we think of a shirt, you’ll just have to read it!


The only exception will be for the elite, the best of the best – the shirts that really do stand apart from the crowd. To those truly exceptional and gorgeous shirts, we’ve created a new marque of excellence – the Rugby Shirt Watch Gold Award.

Every year, we’ll round up the Gold Award-winners and use that as a long-list to determine what will win our coveted (probably not actually that coveted) Rugby Shirt Of The Year award. We’re all about awards.


As you can see, Rugby Shirt Watch takes rugby shirts far too seriously, but because we do that, you don’t need to look anywhere else to keep up to date with the latest rugby stash.

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