We have a proud tradition here at Rugby Shirt Watch – one of celebrating not just the big dicks in the rugby jersey world, but also the smaller nations and teams who go the extra mile when it comes to designing nice jerseys. In recent years we’ve brought you closer looks at everyone from Germany to Barcelona, but today we’re turning our attention to another European team on the fringes – Spain.

Rugby in Spain dates all the way back to 1909, and the national team have been playing test matches since 1929, they currently sit 19th in the World Rugby rankings, between fellow European Nations Cup stalwarts Russia and Romania.

Since 2016 they’ve had their kits supplied by Joma, and while the Spanish brand is mainly known for being a fringe football kit manufacturer, there’s a LOT to like about the bespoke treatment they’ve given to all four Spain jerseys – yes four.

The red home shirt has a very cool geometric arrow patter, while the arrow theme continues on the gold away shirt, and then the theme is repeated on two other shirts worn by the Spain Sevens team – a dark blue primary jersey and white change strip.

It’s really exciting to find a brand going the extra mile for a team that are relative minnows in global rugby terms – as the legendary Germany Macron kits of a few years ago evidenced, a striking jersey design can be a huge boost when trying to increase the visibility of your team, and it’s certainly something that Romania are trying a VERY different tack with.

Los Leones were controversially axed from qualification for RWC2019 along with Belgium and Romania for fielding ineligible players, and despite finishing runners up to Georgia in the last three European Nations Trophy tables, Spain are struggling so far this year. For those of us who appreciate good kit design, we hope they’re back at the races soon.


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