So if you follow Rugby Shirt Watch on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook you might have noticed something a little different today – they’ve all now become something called ‘Rucked Magazine’ – wha? Let’s explain…

For the past year or so it’s become apparent to Josh, the editor of RSW and person who writes the vast majority of the words here that the rugby kit world is stagnating somewhat.

Simply put, there wasn’t enough news in this world to keep the site interesting and engaging for me or for you, and so for most of the last the site has become something of a ghost town beyond the occasional flurry when something exciting did happen.

At one point real thought was given to knocking it on the head – it’s been 8 years, a good run for anything. But ultimately the decision was made to evolve Rugby Shirt Watch into something new that could continue to bring something useful, unique and positive to the world of rugby.

Welcome then, to Rucked Magazine.

Initially living on social media, the aim of Rucked is to bring a discerning and irreverent view to Rugby culture and fashion.

Of course that means we’ll still be talking about new kits, but also boots, old kits, off-field gear and everything else. But we also want to tell stories – we want to reminisce about rugby’s greatest moments from years past, unearth great new stories from lesser-known corners of the rugby world, and celebrate the positive, powerful and wonderful things that make rugby such a unique sport.

Rugby Shirt Watch will stay as it is for now – we want to keep it as a resource for people, though our focus will be exclusively on news going forward.

But we hope if you follow RSW on Twitter, you’ll stick with us and see if you like what you see – we hope we’ll create a fun community of people who appreciate stylish things in rugby: whether that’s a classy try or a stunning shirt. And if that sounds like something you’d be into, why not give us a follow?



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