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Gloucester have revealed their brand new European jersey, which in what is a very nice but very 2020 occurrence, also pays tribute to the season ticket holders who opted to not get refunds on their season tickets for games that could not be played due to the pandemic, and instead chose to donate the value of their memberships to the club to help see them through a tough time.

In what is an extremely visible gesture of thanks for this generosity to their club, the names of each of the fans who donated their 2019/20 1873 Club memberships has been sublimated onto the front of the design. It’s a fitting way to repay the loyalty of these fans, and something that more clubs should be following suit with in our opinion.

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Quite asides from this gesture, the rest of the shirt is, it must be said – bloody lovely. In similar vein to the 2016/17 Euro shirt, recalls the colours that the club wore for the first time when they too the field at Kingsholm back in 1891.

This time, however, instead of three hoops of gold, red and black, we have a rather fetching black and red hooped design with some very fetching gold pinstriping in the mix. Nice.



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