The Champions Cup returns this weekend and Toulouse will kick off their campaign wearing one of the most unique and wonderfully inventive ideas for a jersey yet, if something of a leftfield one.

The brand new Toulouse third jersey is a collaboration with the European Space Agency, celebrating both Toulouse’s place as the ‘European Capital Of Space’ and also to commemorate French/ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet’s forthcoming mission to the International Space Station which will begin next year. Pesquet himself revealed the jersey on social media.

The jersey itself is classic Toulouse, at least from a distance, with a red base design accented with dark accents on the sleeves and shoulders, but the details are what sets this apart.

The jersey itself has a futuristic panelled pattern that’s designed to look like the hull of a spacecraft like the SpaceX Dragon vehicle in which Pesquet will journey to the ISS next year.

There’s also a truly stunning reimagining of the Toulouse club crest – the theme of the jersey is aptly ‘conquering the stars’ and so the badge takes the famous Toulouse logo, projects it onto a dense starfield while the club’s four European stars orbit the crest like satellites.

It’s a ridiculously cool logo, and so it’s perhaps no surprise that Nike has created an entire range of ST x ESA stash for fans to buy – it you haven’t already pointed your browser straight at the Toulouse online store, what are you waiting for?!


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