For their game against Italy on Saturday night, France paid tribute to Christophe Dominici, who tragically died at the age of just 48 on 24 November with a subtle but heartfelt tribute to the Les Bleus legend on their jerseys.

Fittingly placed at the heart of the tricolore stripes that accent the left shoulder and sleeve of the New France alternate design, the word ‘Domi’ was stitched onto the sleeve of each player’s jersey.

Domi was of course the 65-cap winger’s nickname, and it’s fitting that the tribute was on the left sleeve, given how often Dominici lit up the left wing in a France jersey, bagging 25 test tries in the process, including a memorable score against Nee Zealand in the 1999 Rugby World Cup semi-final.

The game actually debuted the 2020/21 alternate shirt for France, while the numbers on the back of the shirt featured the first clubs of each member of the squad inside the numbers, with the individual player’s first club written beneath their number.

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