With Argentina’s Tri Nations campaign kicking off imminently, Los Pumas have revealed the Nike jerseys that they will be wearing as they take on Australia and New Zealand in this abbreviated tournament… and predictably they’re rather lovely.

The home shirt is broadly identical to the shirt they wore at the 2019 Rugby World Cup, and we’d complain about that if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s one of the most beautiful rugby jerseys in the history of the world – just look at it!

The away jersey on the other hand is all new, and certainly very striking – an all-black design with a squared off block of royal blue stripes down the front and on the sleeves is certainly not a classic look, but it’s one that we really like.

No news as to if or when Argentina will wear this shirt in the Tri Nations – usually Argentina save this shirt for their Northern tour, so we wonder if they’ll debut it in one of the Australia games instead, as obviously they would clash.

No news on if and when these jerseys will be available for sale, but keep an eye on Rugby Shirt Watch for details when they emerge.


9 thoughts on “Argentina’s new jerseys are beautiful… because of course they are.

  1. The shirts are really nice, but polo collars are far from “operational” in a real gama. It could be seen during the entire match Against New Zealand, when collars were flipped up all the time. Also, very often they didn’t seem proportional to the size of the neck. Of for supporters, but not for players.
    Nike has adopted the same polo collar for football – results apparently were a little bit better in terms of not flipping up all the time (not sure due to the material itself or the different sport dynamics).

  2. I have been searching everywhere looking to buy this jersey but I cannot find it! Could someone tell me where please

    1. I found a couple of argentinian sites… unfortunately, there’s no international shipping.
      Dexter.com.ar is one of the main sellers, and, of course, ebay

      1. Dextar.com.ar unfortunately do not stock the same jersey with the collar.
        It is a different jersey altogether.

    2. I have searched for it LITERALLY everywhere and I am unable to find it anywhere!!
      Why does it seem like Argentina Jerseys are always the most difficult to come across !
      SO frustrating !

  3. What Nike always does with Pumas’ jerseys is outrageous. They don’t allow Lovell to resell it, they only sent them on the World Cup season. This from Dexter will be the only version they will make available (Pro Version). Test jerseys are very difficult to find. Agentina even more. I will be content when I get the pro version and that’ll do.

    1. talk to me, I can arrange that for you. I work with dropshipping and my store is instagram.com/agimportacoes and fb.com/agimportacoes

      1. This is not the same Argentina Jersey as they worse in the 2020 Tri Nations


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