Sale have been with Samurai Sports since the 2013 season and in that time we’ve seen that the design team over at the brand’s Norwich HQ seem to have two options when it comes to designing the club’s kits – generic but classy, or SHARKY AS FUCK.

Last season’s two new kits were very much at the generic but classy end (with the SAF away shirt from the season before retained as a third option), and so it stands to reason that this season we will be bringing the sharks, and oh lordy will we. Both in size and volume, this is perhaps the sharkiest pair of Sharks shirts to ever shark.

So what we have for both home and away for 2020/21 is a plain jersey and shorts with a cresting wave motif that is made up of dozens of teeny tiny little shark dudes of various sizes… what’s the collective noun for sharks? Is it a school? A pack? A ‘fuck off of sharks’ seems like it would work and this truly is a fuck off of sharks.

To be fair, they’re also quite nice, and certainly show more creativity than anything displayed on the shirts of Samurai’s other Premiership team (at least when they aren’t plastering their Euro jersey with the same racist mascot the club themselves has claimed they are retiring… ahem) and so hats off to them in that regard?


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