In news that is sure to please everyone, Bath Rugby have revealed their new kit sponsor is… well the same as everyone else, and it’s Macron.

The Westcountry club moves to the Italian brand following a four-year stint with Canterbury, marking the end of the English brand’s top-flight presence in English rugby, and leaving the brand with just the Irish national team, the Lions and the Ospreys going forward.

The new home shirt is a carbon copy of Saints’ first Macron kit, complete with even black white and blue hoops, with a blue yoke around the shoulders and gold trim.

Bath will wear their new kit for the forthcoming Premiership season, which kicks off on 20 November.


4 thoughts on “BREAKING: Bath Rugby announces Macron kit deal and new home kit

  1. A few mistakes here. 1. Canterbury is not an English brand (even though the European arm is UK owned) 2. Canterbury have a wide number of contracts: National – Japan, USA, Canada, Georgia, Russia + Ireland + Clubs: Bordeaux, Castre, Taranaki, Sharks, Cheetahs etc….

    1. Hi JVR, afraid you’re wrong about quite a lot of things – while Canterbury began in NZ the brand has been owned and headquartered out of Stockport, England for the best part of two decades. The various local brands are franchised by Canterbury’s parent company, Pentland, which is based in London.

      Canterbury does have Japan, Georgia, UBB and a few clubs across in SA, but Castres have never been a CCC team, the USA CCC deal nearly collapsed before the RWC and seems unlikely to continue, and Russian and Canada have both already signed for Macron.

      In terms of major teams, Canterbury’s profile is undeniably dramatically diminished, and in terms of high-profile teams the only ones left are indeed Ireland, Japan and perhaps at a stretch the Ospreys. Hope that clears it up for you.

  2. Unfortunately, UBB is no longer with Canterbury, having shifted back to Kappa. I believe Russia had initially shifted to BLK after RWC – can you please confirm it’s really Macron? Thanks!


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