After quite literally months of hype and expectation, not to mention a fair sprinkling of controversy along the way, the new Wales Macron jerseys that Wayne Pivac’s men will be wearing for the forthcoming Six Nations and Autumn Nations Cup have been revealed… and they’re… really nice?

It’s not really a surprise given how much was riding on this first jersey, but the new home shirt is an exercise in classic looks with a bit of a football twist, courtesy of a V-neck wrapover collar with subtle green trim (the first time green has appeared on the home kit in many, many years).

They’re also VERY similar to the current Liverpool Nike home kit… but asides from enraging the ‘it’s too much of a football shirt’ crowd, that’s no bad thing, let’s face it. It’s also mercifully not the godawful kit that was doing the rounds last week, but we were all pretty confident of that anyway.

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Other than that, things are extremely clean and classic and safe – just as you’d expect for a brand’s first go-round with a new team, especially given that it’s likely Macron’s biggest kit deal to date in terms of the number of replicas they’ll hope to shift.

It’s interesting to note that the shield around the WRU crest has been retained, which debuted on last season’s Under Armour kit, indicating that this might become more of a long-term feature of jerseys. There’s also a ‘dragon scale’-type pattern on the shoulders, but it’s very subtle.

The shield is more noticeable on the away shirt, which is black with white and red trim, and instead of the dragon scales features a chevron pattern running across both sleeves.

It’s not all good however – the presence of what can only be described as a ‘patriotic tramp stamp’ embossed onto the on the lower back of the jersey is proper market stall rip-off territory, and runs dangerously close to ruining the classic and classy vibes of these new designs.

Your mileage may vary of course, and the same can be said for the scale pattern and the embossed words on the back of the neck of both jerseys – ‘anrhydedd’ (honour) on the home and ‘angerdd’ (passion) on the alternate.

Certainly from a distance both new jerseys certainly look lovely from a distance – but is the devil in the details? The Wales Macron jerseys are available for preorder now.

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3 thoughts on “Wales’ Macron 2021 jerseys are finally here… and they look like Liverpool shirts (but that’s okay)

  1. They all look like football shirts lol. The only reason you can tell a Rugby player from a footballer (ifyou don’t know the clubs & badges) is generally their physical build, not the kit. But plenty of skinnier half backs could easily pass as footballers in their full kits.


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