UPDATE: Of course it isn’t.

With Wales’ Autumn squad announced this week, expectation (and in some cases trepidation) about the soon to be launched new Macron jerseys has also been at fever pitch – and if social media is to be believed, the new-look jersey will not be for the traditionalists.

In the aftermath of the Wales squad release, a picture started circulating on social media purporting to be the new Wales kit for 2020/21, and its quite a departure.

Broadly similar in template to the Macron design Scotland wore last year, the shirt is red of course, with white and green trim on the low-profile collar, but that’s where things get screwy.

The body of the design has an interesting ‘crazy paving’ texture to it, while the sleeves appear to have a large stylised dragon head on each side… we often bemoan that test jerseys are a bit too safe but this is absolutely not what we meant.

So is it legit? We don’t think so – and we certainly hope not. Something about the design choices just feel too risky for Macron, especially at test level, and we can’t see the WRU signing off on a design this polarising when there’s been so much negativity around the Macron deal among fans anyway.

We think this is much more likely to be a fake – though it must be said, one that’s been executed with no small amount of skill. We’ll find out for sure in a few weeks…


4 thoughts on “Is this Wales’ new Macron home shirt?

    1. I wish it was the New Jersey , but think it’s the sevens version. Think the actual version will follow a similar template for the home jersey


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