The Pro14 is going to have a very different feel this year, what with it effectively reverting to the Pro12 for at least the first half of the season due to the absence of the South African teams and rumours that it might expand to 16 teams with the arrival of the four SA Super Rugby teams before the end of it.

But for now at least, the league has reverted to the 12 European teams for the 2020/21 season, and here’s all the new jerseys that the various teams will be wearing.

Benetton Rugby

The Italian team will be wearing a striking home jersey featuring checks, fades, patterns, chevrons, wavy lines… pretty much everything you can think of in one shirt, while the yellow away shirt it also a striking design.

Cardiff BLues

The Blues’ home shirt has an interesting diamond pattern on the bottom of the desin, while the away shirt’s striped blue pattern is equally fetching – note the new main sponsor for 2020 as well.


Connacht’s home shirt has black sleeves this year, with some striking neon trim, and speaking of striking, the away shirt has a wild mix of neon yellow and purple, with black trim on the sleeves and sides.


The Dragons keep things simple this season with a black/grey home jersey and striking blue away shirt – both shirts have a chevron pattern that is a nod to the Newport coat of arms.

Edinburgh Rugby

Edinburgh’s third season of their new colour scheme again keeps things very clean and classy, with a nice orange hooped pattern on the home shirt and nice colour blocking on the away.


Things are very simple for the Warriors in 2020 – the home shirt has just a hint of tartan on the edges, while the away shirt has a heathered pattern on the front.


Leinster’s two 2020 jerseys are both blue, which is a bit odd – the home has an interesting fade pattern, while the away shirt is made of recycled ocean plastic.


Munster will be keeping their 2019/20 home shirt for a second season, while their black, grey and yellow away shirt is another recycled ocean plastic jersey, inspired by Ireland’s smallest national park.


The Ospreys away shirt features a topographical map of the area surrounding the Liberty Stadium, rendered in pink and green for one of the most polarising shirts of the season. The home design features an equally modern swirled mask pattern on the front.


Plain and simple for the Scarlets home shirt this season, while the away is a relatively restrained and tasteful number for the first time in a few season – they’ve toned down things on the sponsor front as well.


No change on the home front for Ulster this season, who remain one of rugby’s least exciting and inventive teams on the kit front – the away is new however, with the plain black design accented with some diagonal red hatches.


Not that we want to show any favouritism here but there’s no doubt that Zebre have the best and most fun pair of jerseys in the Pro14 this season – neon zebra stripes all over the place, and the colourful trend has even spread to the club crest. Magic.



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