Cardiff Blues have revealed their brand new Macron home and away jerseys, and the design of the home shirt, combined with a cheeky tweet before the launch, has led people to ask if the design is a tribute to Tiger Bay’s most famous daughter – Dame Shirley Bassey?

It might be a bit of a stretch but bare with us – the home shirt is a striking hatched diamond pattern that has more than a bit of a golfing vibe on the bottom, but shortly before the reveal the region tweeted the following:

That is of course Dame Shirley herself, with three diamond shaped emojis… and what is one of her most famous and iconic songs? Well, it’s Bond theme Diamonds Are Forever obviously!

Okay, is it probably nothing to do with Dame Shirley and it’s just a fun bit of social media nonsense? Yes, probably, but why the hell NOT do a shirt that pays tribute to one of Cardiff’s most famous musical icons?

We just wish they’d stuck some gold trim on the away shirt to complete the Bassey one-two but it’s an imperfect world.

One thought on “Is the Cardiff Blues home shirt a tribute to Shirley Bassey?

  1. The huge sponsor ruins this shirt. It needs to be a good 20% smaller so it does not overwhelm the club crest. Also 20% smaller would mean it not cutting in to the lines on the away shirt and ruining the pattern.


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