There’s an argument to be made that Glasgow have rather phoned it in for their 2020/21 home and away jerseys – nice though the home shirt is with its plain black design accented by the club tartan, and the ‘glitch effect’ away shirt, whatever the hell that means, is perfectly inoffensive.

But when set alongside some of the eye-catching designs that other Pro14 clubs have donned this year, they’re not exactly winning design awards – as much as we’re delighted to see the horrible green box of its main sponsor ditched after two years of looking frankly, awful.

We’d probably have run out of stuff to say at this point if not for what can only be described as a boundary pushing design choice – the club values tramp stamp.

Rugby’s obsession with values is absolutely one of its worst characteristics, but it’s no surprise that Glasgow have a set of broadly meaningless but well intentioned values that apparently reflect the character of the club – everyone does.

What IS surprising is that they’ve decided to emboss those values, in full, on the very bottom of the back of the jersey, creating the effect of a #rugbyvalues tramp stamp. Just look at it!

“The addition of our key mantras on the back of both shirts is an especially nice touch,” claimed Zander Fagerson at the launch, presumably at gunpoint, but at least it’ll give players something to read when they’re packing down for a scrum or constructing one of those annoying caterpillar things that everyone’s so fucked off about these days.

One thought on “Glasgow Warriors’ new jerseys gives players a club values tramp stamp for some reason

  1. Get your eyes checked pal, that home shirt in particular is a simplistic thing of beauty. Also, the best away shirt for a few years.


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