Nigeria might not be a big player in the test rugby arena, but like the German national side proved in 2018 – an eye-catching kit can be a great way to make the world aware you exist. And thanks to new kit partner BLK, the Nigerian Rugby Football Federation is doing just that.

Two of the jerseys revealed so far all have one thing in common, a striking tonal leaf pattern across the body of the design, which is given even more prominence on the white jersey above, thanks to the ‘torn away’ effect of the green bits.

The home shirt is also very cool with is stripey tonal effect giving nice constrast to the green base design, but mainly it’s just nice to see a cool original design in the international arena, and all three of these jerseys certainly do that. BLK of course has some form for this – remember the all-time amazing Samoa RWC2015 jerseys?

But if the jerseys are great, the training gear might actually be even better – just take a gander at what we’ve seen so far:

If anything, we’re a little disappointed that the geometric patterns seen on these haven’t made it onto the on-field jerseys, but frankly it’s a small complaint because JUST LOOK AT THEM. Nigeria fan or no, everyone’s gonna want this in their bag ahead of training this season.

No news yet as to when or if this stuff will be available, and whether it’ll be available outside of Nigeria, but for all our sakes, we hope so.



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