It’s been one of the worst kept secrets in all of rugby sponsorship, but the WRU has finally officially confirmed that Macron will take over from Under Armour as the new kit supplier for the Wales team.

The seven-year deal, which is worth a reported £30 million, will see the Italian sportswear giant supply all of Wales’ representative and pathway teams from October 2020. Furthermore the deal will also see Macron produce £6 million of kit for Wales’ 300 community clubs over the course of the deal.

Back in 2019 it was revealed that the WRU and Under Armour would be mutually terminating their deal four years early at the end of 2020, with the new supplier taking over for the 2021 Six Nations, but it seems the current COVID situation has brought things forward.

Instead Wales will reveal their new Macron kits in early October, and will wear them for the first time for the autumn warm-up match against France on 24th October.

“We have agreed a unique and progressive partnership with Macron to not only supply team and leisure wear to our national squad, but to also provide an invaluable offer to our community game in their second season with us and beyond,” said WRU CEO Steve Phillips.

“Macron understand the importance of the community game in Wales and, together, we are determined to ensure that this end of the game also reaps the benefits of this new commercial alliance.”

The news has not gone down with Wales fans, however, with the announcement already sparking a great deal of consternation and criticism on social media.

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