England Rugby’s 2020/21 Umbro jerseys are finally here

After what seems like endless speculation over the last few months, the hugely anticipated England Rugby Umbro 2020/21 jerseys have finally been revealed, and at long last we get a proper look at what the English sportswear brand’s vision for a 2020 rugby jersey is like.

And the results, perhaps unsurprisingly for anyone who happens to have seen what Umbro has been doing in football in recent years, are a nice blend of ultra classic for the home shirt and a bit more modern for the alternate.

As you’d expect for a brand making its first foray into a new sport and a new team, the crowd pleasing home shirt is plain white, though closer inspection reveals a very subtle mix of patterns on the fabric itself that adds depth to the design.

The additional accents and embellishments have been kept to a minimum, with just a simple flash of red trim around the front of the collar, and the inside of the sleeve cuffs. There’s also a St George’s Cross on the back of the neck.

The alternate shirt makes fine use of England’s third colour – midnight blue – in a way that has been bafflingly underused for England alternate kits in the modern era, with a heathered pattern across the main body of the jersey, and a flat darker shade across the shoulders and over the back of the jersey.

Of course, it’s a far cry from the wild shirt that we leaked pictures of back in May, but as expected that shirt has seen the light of day as England’s new warm-up jersey, complete with bold pattern and ‘Umbro Pro Training’ logo.

England’s new home and alternate jerseys are available for preorder now at England Rugby Store with prices starting at £50 for juniors rising to £100 for the adults pro jersey. In a move that’s always welcome, England Women’s jersey are also available for preorder now.

To purchase the brand new England 2020 Umbro jersey, click here.


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