In addition to the brand new Umbro home and away kits that England finally revealed earlier today, we also finally got a look at the new training and pre-match gear that Eddie Jones’ men will be wearing this season – and if it looks a little familiar, you’ve been paying attention.

Yes, the notorious jersey that we first showed you back in May that gave us our first look at England in Umbro (and positively infuriated some people) has been revealed to be in fact the jersey that England’s players will wear in pre-match warm-ups, or at least one of them.

The striking pattern is one that caused so much consternation when we revealed it is a continuing theme throughout the training wear, which includes gym tees (above), singlets, drill tops and all the usual fare you’d expect to see in a training range.

What’s also interesting is the variety of colours on offer – England will have a choice of the core training jerseys in classic white, but also red, blue and even a return for that most derided of England colours in recent years – purple.

It all looks rather impressive and coordinated, and again it’s great to see them come out with the full range of men’s and women’s gear straight out of the gate as well.

England’s new training range is available to preorder now via the England Rugby Store.




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